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What a blessing a Kneely was to our family. Mom had to undergo major reconstructive foot surgery and considering we have three young kids we had to quickly figure out how we were going to manage. Amanda was born with a major deformity and after 35+ years the pain was becoming intolerable and impacting her ability to stay active. So under the knife she went and into the laundry room and kitchen went dad and the three young kids. Recovery from a major surgery is bad enough but when you couple it with the misery of crutches or a wheelchair, we figured that there must be a better way. Her surgeon suggested we rent a rolling knee scooter to help get her out and about, and what a blessing it was for her to feel like she was contributing to the family once again. After three miserable weeks recovering on the sofa she was able to get out of the house and back to her part-time job as our church's pre-K director (limited of course) only because of the freedom she had with a rolling scooter. Getting out proved to be the greatest therapy she could have gotten. After seeing what this product can do for our family, we were moved to share it with those who could use it to help change their lives, even if for just a few weeks.

If you can't put weight on a foot or ankle because of injury, illness or surgery, a knee scooter may be what you need. Knee scooters are a personal mobility device that are used as an alternative to crutches, traditional walkers, and wheelchairs. The Nova Knee Walker provides an excellent example of the knee scooter. It is a four-wheeled, steerable, kneeling walker which comfortably supports the injured limb and is propelled using the good leg. This device offers mobility to people who cannot use a foot or ankle but want to remain active.

NO lifting, NO hopping, just steer and glide into recovery!  We offer both sales and rental options and would love to get you set up today!!!

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